Debugging gets easier the more bugs you see. These examples feature real-world issues, as well as opportunities to hone your own debugging skills. Share your replays with us and we’ll add it to this page!
If you’re brand new to Replay, this 3-minute video gives a quick overview, then check out the Getting Started Guide.

Reproducible Bug Reports

Record a bug once, reproduce it forever. Start with the Recording Bug Reports Guide.
HasReplay.io features GitHub issues with attached replays.
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  • Closed Issues are great examples of how replays were used to solve real-world bugs.
  • Open Issues are great for diving into replays and debugging yourself.
The site also has a β€œbuggy” mode that can be enabled by clicking the βœ…Β  icon in the upper right corner. Record the site or use the replay here to practice debugging these issues!

Debugging with Replay

Using Replay’s built-in developer tools to debug application issues.

Debugging JavaScript

Debug an element resize issue in Excalidraw.

Debugging React useEffect

Debug a React useEffect issue in Replay.

Debugging Redux

Debug a Redux dispatch issue in Replay.

Other Debugging Examples

β–ͺ️Blog: Debugging Stately with Replay Node

Exploring with Replay

Use Replay to explore applications, whether you’re getting up to speed with a new project, reviewing changes, or just curious how something works.

Codebase Orientation

Digging into the React front end of the open source hot.opensauced.pizza to understand how it updates based on user events.

Reviewing Changes

Reviewing changes made by another developer in the HasReplay.io app to understand the new code.

Understanding Applications

Record any web or Node app with Replay to see what’s happening under the hood.

General Debugging Resources

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