Replay teams are a shared space to organize replays and collaborate across your team.

Setting up a team

To create a team:
  1. Navigate to the Replay Library.
  1. Click "Create Team" in the sidebar.
  1. Give the team a name.
  1. Invite users by email address or invite link.
Sharing the invite link is the easiest way to invite everyone on your team. New members added by invite link are Developers by default.
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Adding a replay to your team

Replays can be added to the team by selecting the team in the replay upload screen right after stopping the recording.
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API Keys

Teams can create API Keys for uploading source maps during deploys or uploading replays recorded programmatically via our Node, Playwright, or Puppeteer recorders.
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For more information on Teams, Users, and Pricing, check out Accounts & Billing.

What’s next

Congratulations! πŸŽ‰Β You are up and running with Replay. There is a lot more to explore, so join our community to learn more or check out these sections in our documentation:
  • Reference: The user manual for how to use all Replay’s features.
  • Guides: Walkthroughs of the different use cases for Replay.
  • Advanced Topics: Push the boundaries of Replay and understand how it works.
  • Resources: Additional help on specific topics.
You can also Contact Us at any time with questions or feedback.