Recording a replay

Got a bug? Let's record a replay so we can figure out what's happening.

How to record a replay

  1. Open the Replay Browser and sign in with Google. Once you sign in, you should see a blue record button in the top right. (If needed, update your Replay Browser to the latest version.)
  1. Navigate to the website that you'd like to record. We suggest recording this demo the first time you use the tool, but any website will do.
  1. Click the blue record button. This will refresh the website and start recording. You'll also notice that the blue record button will transform into a stop button.
  1. You are now recording this website. If you have a bug you're trying to reproduce, reproduce it now.
  1. Click the stop button to stop the recording.
  1. An upload confirmation dialog will show up. Enter a name for your replay and hit Save.
  1. The page will redirect to the link to view your replay.
We recommend keeping the recording as short as possible. Try to only record the steps needed to recreate the issue that occurred.
You've just finished recording your first replay!

Recording mobile responsive viewports

If you have a bug that’s specific to a certain viewport (the user’s visible view of a website), you can simulate a set browser size using Responsive Design Mode in Developer Tools while recording. Check out the video here for an example.

Recording offline

To reproduce issues that only occur when offline, you have two options.
  1. You may be able to use request blocking to the URLs for your app in developer tools of the Replay Browser. However, if the issue is related to offline/online events, this will likely not trigger those in your application.
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  1. The second option is to launch Replay using the command line while offline. Launch with the RECORD_ALL_CONTENT environment variable set, using the location of Replay on your machine and the URL to record. This will record to the ~/.replay directory on your machine. Once online, you can use the Replay CLI to upload the recording. Example launch command: RECORD_ALL_CONTENT=1 /Applications/Replay.app/Contents/MacOS/replay https://replay.io

What's next

The replay that you created is a simple link that can be shared. This makes it very easy to get help from other people who can add comments to the recording or help with debugging. We'll show you how to do that in the next section: Sharing your replay.
You can also skip straight to debugging your replay and share later.

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