Replay’s Source Explorer panel shows the source files captured during the recording. Within the panel, Replay adds functionality for interacting with sources for debugging.
For more information on searching for source files, check out Search.
You can also open the panel by clicking the page icon in the sidebar, then selecting a file.

Print Statements

Add a print statement on a line in a source by hovering on the line and clicking the blue plus button.
Overboard replay
Overboard replay

Searching Text

It’s possible to search the contents of a file by pressing <cmd>+f and searching for the text.
Overboard replay
Overboard replay

Function Outline

Under the Source Explorer, the Outline shows all the functions in the source and how many times each function was executed.
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Heat Map

The Heat Map in the editor’s gutter is helpful for seeing how many times a line was executed. The color indicates the frequency a line was hit as compared to the overall source file (darker color for more hits).
By default, the Heat Map does not show hit counts, but if you would like to see the counts, you can click the color bar to expand.
Overboard replay
Overboard replay