Quickly triage problems and leave comments on the replay by using our Viewer.
The Viewer is very similar to other screen recording tools that you might already know and use.

Playing back the video

Don't be surprised if the replay starts a second or two into what you recorded. Recordings do start immediately after the page refreshes and captures the loading state, but while that early part might be interesting, in most cases it isn't. So we jump the playhead to where we start seeing some activity.
Apart from that, this functions exactly like any other video player you've used before. Press play to play, pause to pause β€” you’ve got this.

Commenting on the video

Maybe you created a replay to record a bug so you can pass it onto someone else. Before you do, it would be nice if you annotated it β€” this way the next person knows what they're looking at.
To add comments on the video:
  1. Click on the area of the screenshot you’d like to add a comment. Your comment is pinned to both the screenshot area and the point in time in the reply.
      • If you need to change where you add the comment, simply click anywhere else in the screen. You’ll see a β€œMove the marker” tooltip when hovering on the video.
  1. In the Comments panel on the left side, add your comment.
  1. Hit Enter to save.
      • To cancel, simply navigate to a different point in time in the Viewer or to DevTools mode before saving the comment.
You can also reply to comments and edit or delete your own comments. You can also attach a Loom video to any comment by clicking the paper clip icon.

Navigating by events

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Did you click on things while recording the replay, or type anything? If you did, our Events panel will have caught it.
The Events panel will show you mouse and keyboard events that happened during the recording, making it easy to jump to particular points of interest. Just click on an event to jump straight there.

Focus Mode

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Focus Mode lets you specify a region for your debugging. Setting the focused region filters information like hit counts, network requests, and comments to only the focused region.
Click the Edit Focus icon to the right of the timeline to start Focus Mode.
There are three ways to specify the focus region:
  1. Adjust the draggable handlebars to the left and right of the timeline
  1. Click and drag the blue highlighted portion on the timeline
  1. Use the timestamp input fields in the timeline next to the Focus Mode icon
You can still navigate while in Edit Focus mode to verify what the video looks like while at a particular pause point, and the viewer will update as you adjust the focus region.
  1. Once you're satisfied with your changes, click Save.
  1. You can click β€œDiscard Changes” or anywhere outside the modal or timeline to abandon updating the focus region.
  • Focus Mode makes the replay behave as if you've cropped it. This means that information and comments will be filtered down to your focused region and you can't navigate outside of the focused region.
  • Comments outside of the focus region will be dimmed and disabled.
  • Your focused region is temporary. It resets when you refresh the replay, and is not shared with other viewers of the replay when you share the replay with them.

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