Installing the Replay Browser

Installing the Replay Browser is only required to record replays. If you’ve received a link to an existing replay, open it in any browser and skip straight to debugging.
To start recording your own replays, you first need to install the Replay Browser.
  1. Go to replay.io and download Replay for either Mac, Linux, or Windows.
  1. Install Replay like you would any other native application on your computer.
  1. Open Replay and create an account.

Importing browser settings

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The first time you open the Replay Browser, you may be prompted to import your settings and data from another browser. This is not required, but may be helpful if you want access to data like saved passwords while recording with Replay.
You can also import these later by selecting File > Import From Another Browser in the Replay Browser menu.

Installing on Linux

You will need to install libgtk version 3.0 (for libgtk-3.so.0) and libdbus-glib version 1.2 (for libdbus-glib-1.so.2). These may already be installed on your distribution if you use Ubuntu or Fedora. If you have Firefox installed, then you already have these shared libraries.
A simple way to get setup on most Linux distributions is to first install Firefox which will install the necessary dependencies. After that, it should be easy to download Replay and get started.
Check out our Linux Support guide for more details.

Installing on Windows

Replay has both a Windows installer and supports WSL. Check out the Windows Support guide for getting set up.