Recording Browser Tests (Beta)

Replay Test Suites is in Closed Beta. We are making changes frequently so documentation may not always be up to date. Contact us in Discord or at support@replay.io and we’ll help you get set up!


Recording automated tests with Replay generates fully debuggable recordings of your test execution so you can see everything that happened in your application during a test run.
If you’ve ever dealt with:
  • Trying to debug failures that only occur in CI
  • Reproducing test failures in CI locally
  • Adding log information and re-running tests to debug
  • Deciphering logs, screenshots, and call stacks to debug failed tests
Replay can help!
Debugging tests in CI is no longer a black box when you have a replay.

Test Suite Dashboard

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The Test Suite Dashboard provides insights into your test suite. For example, you can see how many tests failed in a given run, or view the history of a specific test to see when it started failing.

Pull Request Comments

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Pull Request Comments show updated results of your test run with links to replays and the dashboard, all from the pull request in GitHub.

Test Replays

Replay records everything that happens in the browser with developer tools built in so you can quickly diagnose and debug issues.
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Installation & Configuration

Ready to get started? Contact us on Discord or at support@replay.io to sign up for the Closed Beta.
🌲Cypress Instructions🎭Playwright Instructions

Learn More

🚦Test Suite DashboardπŸ’¬Pull Request CommentsβͺTest Replays❓Replay Test Suites FAQ🌲Cypress Instructions (archived)

Experimental Integrations

The following integrations of Replay Test Suites are experimental. Proceed with caution!
πŸͺ›Playwright NodeπŸ‘ΆPuppeteerπŸƒJestβ­•CircleCI