Cypress won’t start

Can’t run because you’ve entered an invalid browser name

Can't run because you've entered an invalid browser name. Browser: Replay Chromium was not found on your system or is not supported by Cypress. Cypress supports the following browsers: - electron - chrome - chromium - chrome:canary - edge - firefox You can also use a custom browser: https://on.cypress.io/customize-browsers Available browsers found on your system are: - chrome - chromium - firefox - firefox:dev - firefox:nightly - electron - Replay Firefox
  • This is expected (for now). Check first whether the process exits immediately, chances are the test ends up proceeding as expected!
  • Make sure you’re using the correct browser for your operating system. Replay Chromium is only supported on linux, whereas Replay Firefox supports both mac and linux.
  • The environment variable CYPRESS_INSTALL_BINARY may be suppressing the browser install step. If it’s set to 0, make sure to add an explicit workflow step to install the browsers (npx @replayio/cypress install)
  • Your caching strategy might be keeping our plugin from pulling in the correct browser. Start debugging it by turning off all caching, e.g. actions/cache