React Integrations

Component Tree

  • Status: Experimental. Blocking on support from routines
  • Replay.io uses a modified version of React DevTools backend that is able to run once while replaying the recording and generate react operations. See blog post
  • Replay.io DevTools imports and renders the official React DevTools frontend. Here is the wrapping component.

Component Sidepanel

Replay.io DevTools issues standard React DevTools commands

Component View Source

  • Status
  • <Mark to add>

Original Display names

Iframe support

React Timeline

React Component Stacks


Replay DevTools is build on top of the first runtime replayer for the web. This makes it possible to build new debugging features like Component Stacks and Timelines that would be impossible otherwise.
Weโ€™ve adopted a staged approach to new React Integrations, thatโ€™s similar to the TC39 process to encourage as much community and react core team collaboration as possible.
  • L0: proposed
  • L1: planned
  • L2: proof of concept, but waiting on feedback.
  • L3: works, working on official api support
  • L4: shipped, has official API support
React Features

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