Recording Roadmap

Recording Roadmap

We designed Replay’s recorder (driver API) to be runtime and platform agnostic. This means that the same driver can be used to record new runtimes in the future. We aspire to enable runtime communities so they can record their own runtimes as well. This is the only way for runtimes to be truly replayable.


Firefox for MacGA
Firefox for LinuxGA
Firefox For WindowsGA
Chromium for MacBeta 2023 Q4
Chromium for LinuxBetaGA 2022 Q4
Chromium for WindowsBeta 2023 Q1
Chromium for AndroidBeta 2023 Q2
Node.js for MacBetaGA 2022 Q4
Node.js for LinuxBetaGA 2022 Q4
Node.js for WindowsBeta 2023 Q2
Electron for LinuxBeta 2023 Q2
Electron for MacBeta 2023 Q3
Electron for WindowsBeta 2023 Q4
Webkit for LinuxBeta 2023 Q3
Webkit for MacBeta 2023 Q4
Webkit for WindowsBeta 2024 Q1
RubyCommunity 2023 Q1
PythonCommunity 2023 Q1
JavaCommunity 2023 Q1
.NetCommunity 2023 Q1
PHPCommunity 2023 Q1

Runtime Features

Chromium SourceMaps2022 Q3
Chromium Elements Panel2022 Q4
Chromium Network Monitor2022 Q4
Firefox Profiler2023 Q1
WebAudio2023 Q1
WebGL2023 Q2
WebRTC2023 Q1