Recording Platform Support

Recording Platform Support

We designed Replay’s recorder (driver API) to be runtime and platform agnostic. This means that the same driver can be used to record new runtimes in the future. We aspire to enable runtime communities so they can record their own runtimes as well. This is the only way for runtimes to be truly replayable.


  • Firefox on Mac, Linux, and Windows
  • Chromium for Linux is in Beta
  • Node.js for Linux, Mac is in Beta


  • Chromium for Mac is planned for Q3.
  • Chromium for ARM (Android and Apple Silicon) is planned for Q4.

Recording Roadmap

Chromium Support


  • Electron support on Linux is something we would like to begin experimenting with. In theory it would be fairly easy to record the Chromium and Node.js content processes separately. In practice, there might be some new non-determinism that we are not accounting for.
  • Node.js Windows support is also something that would be fairly straight forward. It is more a question of prioritization.

Web Platform Limitations

Thee are currently a handful of web platform limitations such as WebGL, WebRTC, etc... The limitations are tracked in each runtime. Here is the list of gecko-dev (opens in a new tab) limitations.