Quickstart guide

Record your first replay with the Replay browser in under a minute.


Install the Replay CLI

Run the following command to download and install the Replay CLI:

npm i -g replayio

Start recording

Run the following command to open the Replay browser and start recording.

replayio record

Upload your replays

When you close the browser, you'll be prompted to upload your recordings.

New recordings found. Would you like to upload them? (Y/n)

View your replay

Once the upload is completed, the CLI will give you the replay url.

Uploading recordings...
a616009e.. overboard.dev Now 7.5s (uploaded)
View recording at:


How do I upload recordings later?

You can always upload recordings later via the replayio upload command. Read more in Replay CLI docs.

When will the Replay browser be a standalone application?

We are excited to release the Replay browser as a standalone application that you can download directly, log into, and start recording in a couple of months.

In the interim, if you would perfer downloading a browser directly, you can use the Replay Firefox browser.

Why do I need to login to Replay?

Replays need to be uploaded so that the browser can be replayed in the Replay Cloud. How time travel works

Read more

Manage your recordings

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Setting up a team

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