Getting Started

Record your application

Recording your application with the Replay browser lets you capture a bug once and inspect it after the fact without having to reproduce it again. This makes it possible to:

In this guide, we'll use the Replay CLI to record your interactions on the page If you'd like to record your Playwright or Cypress tests instead, feel free to jump ahead.


Install the Replay CLI

Run the following command to install the Replay CLI:

npm i -g replayio

Record your replay

Run the following command to open the Replay browser and start recording.

replayio record

This command:

  • Prompts you to log in to your Replay account with Google (if not already logged in)
  • Installs the Replay browser (if not already installed)
  • Opens the Replay browser to begin recording

Inspect your replay

When you close the browser, you'll be prompted to upload your recordings. Once the upload is completed, you will get a URL where you can inspect your application with Replay DevTools.

Uploading recordings...
a616009e.. Now 7.5s (uploaded)
View recording at:

Now that we've recorded our first replay, let's inspect it with Replay DevTools.


Next Steps

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