Getting Started

Record your Playwright tests


Create a new Test Suite team

Start by visiting our new test suite form. It will create an API key and guide you through each step.

New playwright team

Install the Replay Playwright plugin

npm install --save-dev @replayio/playwright

Install the Replay browser

npx replayio install

Save your API key

To use your API key, you can either use dotenv package and save it to a .env file or add the API key to your environment directly.


Update playwright.config.js

1import { PlaywrightTestConfig, devices } from "@playwright/test";
2import {
3 devices as replayDevices,
4 replayReporter
5} from "@replayio/playwright";
6import "dotenv/config";
8const config: PlaywrightTestConfig = {
9 reporter: [
10 replayReporter({
11 apiKey: process.env.REPLAY_API_KEY,
12 upload: true,
13 }),
14 ["line"],
15 ],
16 projects: [
17 {
18 name: "replay-chromium",
19 use: { ...replayDevices["Replay Chromium"] },
20 },
21 ],
23export default config;

Record your test

With everything set up, you can now run playwright test to record and upload your first Playwright replays.

npx playwright test --project replay-chromium
➜ npx playwright test
Running 1 test using 1 worker
[1/1] things-app.spec.ts:14:7 › Todos › should allow me to add todo items
[]: 🕑 Completing some outstanding work ...
[]: 🚀 Successfully uploaded 1 recordings:
[]: ✅ should allow me to add todo items
1 passed (2.1s)

Check out this replay for a detailed walkthrough on debugging a flaky Playwright test.

Record your test suite in CI

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