Replay in action

Making Cypress tests more stable with Replay

Cypress ambassador, Filip Hric, walks through how you can debug a flaky Add to Cart test and not only improve your test, but also improve the application as well.

Learn with Jason

Replay was featured on a recent episode of the Learn with Jason Show, as part of a discussion about how to get better at debugging. Replay engineer Mark Erikson joined Jason Lengstorf to discuss debugging mindset and approaches, how to use a GUI debugger, and walked through an example of recording a replay with the Replay Browser and doing time-travel debugging with the Replay Client:

Canโ€™t set a focus window

In this video, Replay engineer Brian Vaughn investigates an issue where Replay DevTools canโ€™t set a focus window and in the process narrows the problem down to a redux action syncFocusRegion.

Investigating missing Jump to Code actions

In this video, Brian Vaughn investigates an issue in Replay DevTools where the Cypress panelโ€™s step action is missing an execution point.