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OSS Projects

OSS Projects

Replay helps the OSS community by making it easier for maintainers and contributors to debug user issues and automated test failures — all for free, support included.

Reproducible Bug Reports

Imagine if every new GitHub issue came with a recording of the code’s execution at the time the bug occurred with familiar debugging tools built in. That’s what you get with Replay.


Source Maps

Replay lets you upload source maps so recordings made from production applications are easier to debug. If you have any questions or a unique build process, we’ll walk you through the process.

Recording Automated Tests

Test failures can derail a pull request, whether it’s from a maintainer or a contributor. Use Replay to automatically generate replays of failed tests so you can quickly debug. It even posts the replays back to the pull request so you have all the context needed when reviewing PRs.


Replay for Cypress and Playwright are in closed beta. We’d love to help your OSS project get set up, contact us on Discord (opens in a new tab) or at support@replay.io!


Document Pull Requests

Use Replay to clearly document changes made in a pull request — both to the code and application behavior. Add comments to lines of code explaining changes and specific areas of the UI. You can even add comments to network requests to highlight changes in requests or response bodies experimental feature.