CI Workflows

GitHub upload action

GitHub upload action takes care of uploading your recordings during your CI test runs on GitHub. It enables you to filter the recordings you upload to Replay App.

1name: End-to-end tests
2on: push
4 cypress-run:
5 runs-on: ubuntu-22.04
6 steps:
7 - name: Checkout
8 uses: actions/checkout@v4
9 - name: Install Replay Chromium
10 run: npx replayio install
11 - name: Cypress run
12 uses: cypress-io/github-action@v6
13 with:
14 browser: replay-chromium
15 - name: Upload replays
16 if: always()
17 uses: replayio/action-upload@v0.5.1
18 with:
19 api-key: ${{ secrets.REPLAY_API_KEY }}

Make sure to set if: ${{ always() }} so that this step is always executed, even when the previous step fails.

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Upload strategies

There are different strategies for uploading your replays such as uploading only on test flakes or failures.