Replay Teams

Okta integration

Logging in with SSO

Logging in with SSO, is as easy as going to, clicking Sign In with SSO, and entering your email. When you enter your email, you will be routed to your standard SSO (Okta provider).

Elements panel

Configuration Info from Replay

Single Sign on / ACS URL<connection-name>
Audience URIurn:auth0:webreplay:<connection-name>
Application usernameOkta username
Attribute statementsWe need the user's email in the email field

Okta SAML Configuration

To make this change, you must have Admin access to your Okta deployment.

  1. Find the necessary dialogue to add an App by going to Admin → Applications → Applications. Here’s an example of the screen you should see:
Elements panel
  1. Click on “Create App Integration”, select “SAML 2.0” and click on Next.
  2. In General Settings give the name to the app: “Replay” and click Next.
Elements panel
  1. Using the configuration info sent from Replay (and referencing the above) fill out the next screen. Here is an example of that screen filled out with example information:

On the next screen select that the app is for internal use.