Security + Privacy

Privacy principles

We know that in order for Replay to become your daily debugging tool we need to earn your trust. Here are a couple of our commitments:

  1. Private by default. You can always opt-into making replays public and sharing them with teams and collaborators, but replays default to private.

  2. No god mode. We know it’s become common to let employees log into user accounts, so it’s important for us to state clearly that we do not have a “god” mode. The only way we can access a replay is if you share it with us.

  3. Browser privacy model. When you’re debugging a replay, we run the browser in a secure sandbox that only trusted users can access. For more information, see our security practices.

  4. You own your data. Replays are encrypted at rest and only available to trusted users. You can delete your own data at any point.