In DevTools mode, find anything and everything you need with multiple search options.

Searching for a source

Quickly find the file or asset you need to inspect by searching for a source.
There are two ways to find a source:
  • Click the small search icon next to โ€œSourcesโ€ in the Source Explorer panel.
  • Use the cmd+p shortcut to open file search in the Quick Open modal.
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Searching for text

Access global text search to find text within all files in a replay.
Search for text two ways:
  • Click the Search icon in the left sidebar to open the Search panel.
  • Use the cmd+shift+f shortcut.

Search node modules

When searching for text, you can toggle whether to include results found in node_modules by checking the box under the search input.
Including/excluding node modules from search results.

Searching for a function

There are three ways to find a function in a file:
  • View a list of functions and filter in the Outline pane in Source Explorer.
  • Search for a function globally with the cmd+o shortcut.
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