Reference Guide
Dev Tools


Replay’s DevTools has six primary panels for inspecting the replay:

  • Elements Inspect ui element styles and attributes
  • Console Inspect logs, exceptions, errors, and events
  • Network Inspect network activity, requests, and response bodies
  • React Inspect react components, their state and props
  • Search Search files, functions, and text
  • Pause Inspect the call stack and scope

Want to know how to best use these features for debugging? Check out Debugging.



You can also view Events from the Replay Info panel in DevTools or Viewer mode.


DevTools has three layouts:

  • Dock to Bottom Right: Sources panel on the left and secondary panels on the right. (default)
  • Dock to the Left: Panels are on the left of the video. For when additional vertical space is needed.
  • Dock to the Bottom: Panels are below the video. For when additional horizontal space is needed.

Select a layout using the icon on the upper-right of the Console. You can also toggle the video visibility in DevTools mode by clicking the video icon.



While in a replay, you can use keyboard shortcuts to quickly access certain features.

Cmd in the list below is for MacOS users. On Windows, replace with Ctrl.

Cmd+KOpen command palette
Cmd+PSearch for a fileToggles to DevTools mode
Cmd+OSearch for a functionToggles to DevTools mode
Cmd+Shift+FSearch full textToggles to DevTools mode
Cmd+GSearch within fileFile must be selected
Ctrl+GGo to line in fileFile must be selected
Cmd+BToggle left sidebar
Cmd+/Open shortcut menuOnly in DevTools mode
F8ResumeOnly in Breakpoints
F10Step OverOnly in Breakpoints
F11Step InOnly in Breakpoints
Shift+F11Step OutOnly in Breakpoints
Shift+TToggle Dark Mode
Shift+FToggle Viewer

Command Palette

Quickly navigate to DevTools Panels and perform actions like searching or opening modals. Access the Command Palette from the Sources panel or with the Cmd+K shortcut.



  • Open the Network Monitor

  • Show comments in the sidebar

  • Launch the Sources Search modal


The Home button in the top left of the Sources panel navigates to the Command Palette.