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Recording tests locally

Recording tests locally

In our experience, recording a replay gives you the most value when used in CI. It brings observability to otherwise hidden process.

That said, to get you started, or to get a quick feedback on a stubborn test, running locally may be the a great way to get some insight into your test behavior.


Basic configuration of your Playwright project may look something like this. There are 2 key aspects:

  1. reporter - Replay is integreated as a reporter to Playwright. the line reporter in this configuration points to default Playwright reporter that outputs test results into timeline.
  2. replay-chromium project. This is Replay Browser. It’s a browser built on Chromioum with the recording capabilities.
import { PlaywrightTestConfig, devices } from "@playwright/test";
import { devices as replayDevices } from "@replayio/playwright";
const config: PlaywrightTestConfig = {
  reporter: [["@replayio/playwright/reporter", {
      apiKey: process.env.REPLAY_API_KEY,
      upload: true
  }], ['line']],
  projects: [
      name: "replay-chromium",
      use: { ...replayDevices["Replay Chromium"] as any },
export default config;


  • apiKey (required) - this is the key that ensures communication with Test Suite Dashboard. Your recordings are uploaded using this key.
  • upload - Set to false by default. This option determines whether you want to upload your recordings automatically to your Test Suite Dashboard.

Uploading replays manually

Recordings are created automatically when using replay-chromium browser, but you can choose to upload your recordings manually. You can use our Replay CLI for that. We recommend installing it globally:

npm install @replayio/replay -g

Use replay ls command to view the list of your recordings.

$ replay ls    
ID                                    Status  Title                              Created
26acbdf1-a8b5-4f5e-bcf4-733d39456832  onDisk  should allow me to add todo items  9 minutes ago
1b94bcee-bc2e-48dc-9edb-755760e38c9d  onDisk  cypress/e2e/spec.cy.ts             14 minutes ago
00972cf1-86c1-46c3-9ec0-4b3b06b1e561  onDisk  cypress/e2e/spec.cy.ts             50 minutes ago
eddbdf58-fa10-43ab-ab0c-0da1e2939b57  onDisk  should allow me to add todo items  2 hours ago
7585b8f4-6475-4535-995d-4d8a0c50f829  onDisk  Replay of localhost:8080           4 days ago

Replays are uploaded locally using the @replayio/replay CLI. Your API key must be set as the REPLAY_API_KEY environment variable to upload.

Upload all replays

To upload all available replays, use the following command:

replay upload-all

Upload a single replay

To upload just a single replay, copy the ID from the replay ls output and use following command:

replay upload 7585b8f4-6475-4535-995d-4d8a0c50f829 # example replay id

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