Test Suites

Test Suites FAQ

How do I sign up for the Replay Test Suites beta?

Join the waitlist (opens in a new tab) or reach out by emailing us at hey@replay.io or join our Discord (opens in a new tab) #testing channel. There is a preference for teams with the following qualifications:

  • Using Cypress or Playwright Test
  • Runs tests in CI with GitHub Actions
  • Wants to record with Replay in CI
  • Flexibility with browser and OS requirements

Is a Test Team required?

A Replay Test Team is required to properly view test runs, results, and replays in the Test Suites Dashboard.

While you can record tests with Replay and upload them using any team API key, you will not have access to test-specific views without a Test Team.

How do I include matrix strategy variables to my test run?

You can compose a string that details your matrix strategy, and pass it as an environment variable using RECORD_REPLAY_METADATA_TEST_RUN_TITLE. That will let you differentiate different test runs in the library.

Here (opens in a new tab) is an example.

How do I link tests to the same test run if I split my tests across jobs?

Each test run is given a UUID when the test runner starts but can be overridden by the RECORD_REPLAY_METADATA_TEST_RUN_ID environment variable. If you set the environment variable to the same value for each job, they will all be included in the same test run in Replay!

    name: Generate Test Run ID
    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
      - id: uuid
				run: echo "value=$(npx uuid)" >> $GITHUB_OUTPUT
        shell: sh
      testRunId: ${{ steps.uuid.outputs.value }}
    name: End-to-end tests (${{ matrix.shard }})
    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
    needs: [generate-test-run-id]
      # GH cancels other matrixed jobs by default if one fails. We want all E2E jobs to complete.
      fail-fast: false
        shard: ["1", "2", "3", "4", "5", "6", "7", "8", "9", "10"]
    timeout-minutes: 20
      - uses: replayio/action-playwright@main
          command: npx playwright test --shard ${{ matrix.shard }}/10 --reporter=@replayio/playwright/reporter,line
          api-key: ${{ env.REPLAY_API_KEY }}
          RECORD_REPLAY_METADATA_TEST_RUN_ID: ${{ needs.generate-test-run-id.outputs.testRunId }}

What test runners are supported?

Cypress and Playwright Test are the primary test runners supported in Replay Test Suites beta.

We have experimental support for Selenium Webdriver, Puppeteer, Jest, and Node-based Playwright with additional configuration.

What browsers are supported?

  • Replay Firefox (macOS, Linux)
  • Replay Chromium for Linux and Mac and Windows (alpha)

What is the performance overhead when recording?

Replay’s recorder is twice as fast as the Cypress Video recorder and comparable to recording a Session Replay. The performance overhead of recording with Replay will vary depending on the browser, the test runner, your test suite, the application under test, the recording environment, and other factors. We aim to Replay overhead as low as possible so your CI runs are not impacted.

Please let us know if you experience significant recording overhead when using Replay so we can troubleshoot.

Are only failed test replays uploaded?

  • When using action-cypress and action-playwright, only replays of failed tests are uploaded by default. To upload all replays, set the upload-all argument to true in the GitHub Action.
  • When using action-upload to upload tests, all replays generated (passing and failing) will be uploaded unless a filter is passed to the filter argument.
  • When using @replayio/replay, use upload-all to upload all recordings. Uploading only failed replays with @replayio/replay will require a custom script to identify failed tests and pass IDs to upload instead.

Is using GitHub Actions required?

Using GitHub Actions is recommended because you get access to easy configuration and additional functionality through our Replay GitHub Actions.

However, you can use a different CI provider by configuring your run command manually and using @replayio/replay to upload recordings. See Manual CI configuration for more.

How do I update the Replay Browser?

When running in CI, the latest version of the Replay Browser will be installed on each run.

To update your browser locally, use npx @replayio/replay update-browsers. Please note that the desktop version of the Replay Browser used to record manually is not the same as the browsers installed for testing.

The desktop Replay Browser and testing Replay Browsers must be updated separately.

What causes Replays to be missing from the test view?

This can be caused by a number of reasons:

  1. The replay wasn't uploaded at all, or it wasn't uploaded correctly
  2. The replay has been deleted due to it being past the retention limit allowed for your team