Other CI providers

Replay works with any CI provider. You can simply record your tests by passing Replay Browser to your Cypress run and then add a step to upload your recordings to Replay App.

Create another test script in package.json for running tests with Replay, and replace your current test script in your CI workflow file:

"scripts": {
"cy:run": "cypress run", // original test script
"cy:run:replay": "cypress run --browser=replay-chromium" // new test script

Lastly, add a new step in the workflow for uploading the replays once they’re generated. Run the scripts below, providing your own API key:

# Run your tests
REPLAY_API_KEY=<api key> npm run cy:run:replay
# Adds source control metadata like the commit, branch, and PR
# that triggered this test run
npx @replayio/replay metadata --init --keys source --warn
# Uploads all replays to your team
npx @replayio/replay upload-all --api-key <api key>

Lastly, add your API key to your Secrets. To get an API key, create a new Replay team and generate an API key — instructions can be found here.

CircleCI and Replay Metadata

The Replay CLI will pull available metadata from the CircleCI environment but some data can only be retrieved by calling the GitHub API.

Fetching GitHub metadata with the Replay CLI

If you configure a GITHUB_TOKEN environment variable with a GitHub personal access token, the Replay CLI will use that token to fetch additional data like the commit message and pull request title.

Fetching GitHub metadata manually

Alternatively, you can fetch the metadata yourself if you do not wish to share a token with the Replay or you’re integrating with a different source control system like BitBucket.

Below is an example which fetches the commit and PR titles and sets the value in RECORD_REPLAY_METADATA_SOURCE_COMMIT_TITLE and RECORD_REPLAY_METADATA_SOURCE_MERGE_TITLE which the Replay CLI knows to use for the commit and merge title, respectively.

curl -s -H "Authorization: $GITHUB_TOKEN" $(
sed -e "s#.*github.com/\(.*\)/pull.*#https://api.github.com/repos/\1/commits/$CIRCLE_SHA1#"
) | jq -r .commit.message
curl -s -H "Authorization: $GITHUB_TOKEN" $(
sed -e "s#.*github.com/\(.*\)/pull/\(.*\)#https://api.github.com/repos/\1/pulls/\2#"
) | jq -r .title